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June 2012

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Roselle Vietnam was founded on June 29th, 2012. With the direction of bringing Vietnamese products to a higher level, Roselle Vietnam has chosen to develop a line of products from Hibiscus calyces, which are good for health, stylish and reasonably priced.

September 2012

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Products from Hibiscus are used by many restaurants and 5 star hotels throughout the country.

December 2012

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[EN] Roselle Vietnam was the official sponsor of the networking event between businessmen from Vietnam and Japan. Followed that were dozens of cultural events – social and business in the country such as: ABU Broadcasting Conference, Welcome party for Nick Vujicic in Vietnam, the Southeast Asia Youth Ship in 2013, the Park Lane Summer Golf

January 2013

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The first “Made in Vietnam” Tet gifts were launched and received very positive feedbacks.

July 2013

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Products of Roselle Vietnam are available at retailers and supermarkets throughout the country.

October 2013

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Product designs were changed and the trademark Hearty was created.

November 2013

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International exchange of human resource – REI from the US visited and worked at Roselle Vietnam office.

December 2013

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Roselle Vietnam officially arrived on the market in Southern provinces and opened the first representative office in Ho Chi Minh City.

March 2014

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Mr. Joost De Vries, a tea expert with more than 20 years of experience, worked with Roselle Vietnam during 1 month in order to study and develop new lines of tea products.

June 2014

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Hibiscus tea bags and dried calyces were certified to meet standards to export to Japan. This marked the beginning of our journey to bring products of Roselle Vietnam to international markets.

November 2014

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Launched new products: Stevia tea, Kite-tail jam, Hibiscus salt, with the hope to bring more diverse choices to customers.

January 2015

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Launched the “Bánh Chưng” playing card pack and Tet present accessory set consisting of red envelops and Tet greeting cards.

May 2015

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Participated in the Vietnam-Myanmar Trade – Service – Tourism Fair and received attention from many Myanma customers as well as those in the Southeast asian area.

September 2015

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Launched the “Bánh Tét” playing card pack and Binh Than Tet 2016 accessory set.


Ha Noi: No 36, Nam Dong, Dong Da

Sai Gon: No74, Do Doc Long, Tan Phu

Factory: Hapro Industrial Zone, Gia Lam, Ha Noi

Tel/Fax: +84-4-35162962

Hotline: (+84) 90 741 8688

Email: contact@roselle.com.vn

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